Pallet Storage

Racks are much more than just steel and iron. Shelves are the key to optimal throughput efficiency. We can offer you this key: Integrated warehouse planning, where the racking and the fork lift truck work 'hand in hand' as parts within a single system. Jungheinrich can provide you with a comprehensive range of racking and storage systems, mezzanines and self-supporting stores (silos) for storing everything from pallets, containers, stillages and cartons to long loads. The efficiency of the entire material flow is optimised through our requirement-specific design of the racking system.

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Warehouse Design
If you need to redesign your warehouse, the logistics systems team are on hand to redesign your material flow always ensuring that you are maximising the storage capacity of your storage space. 

Warehouse Racking
Jungheinrich offers turn-key solutions for pallet storage in your warehouse. Racking units for storage solutions include single and multi-bay racking for both wide aisle and narrow aisle storage areas.  High rack storage reaches as for as 40m in height utilising storage space at great heights and which can also be flexibly extended.  Drive-in and drive-through racking offers compact storage and is ideal for large volumes of identical items and particularly suitable for seasonal warehouses.  Mobile racking systems offer savings of up to 90% on racking aisles.

Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
Automatic small parts warehouses guarantee excellent space-saving storage of small parts in containers, trays or boxes.  Stacking and retrieval in an automatic small parts warehouse is done primarily with fully automated rack operating equipment. The ASRS allows for short access time, high productivity, optimum use of storage space and direct access to every stock item.

Mobile Warehouse Shelving
Moveable pallet racking allows for carriages to be moved apart to create an aisle providing direct access to any stored item.  Automation can also be implemented for mobile shelving.  Goods are stored with minimal dust in enclosed aisles.

Pallet storage

A system offering you numerous possibilities: adapted for high throughput efficiency, user-defined access to all your items and flexible expansion possibilities.


Small parts storage

Locate all of your items easily and remove them swiftly thanks to a variety of components and accessories.


Long goods storage

Your solution for long loads of any type: ready to adapt swiftly to any change in product range.


Mezzanine platforms/multi-tier shelving

Additional storage space without needing to change the building fabric: Get optimal usage from your ceiling heights.


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