Tow train system consultation

Analysis – Planning – Optimisation

Efficient production processes require flexible and standardised intralogistical processes.

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Basic characteristics

  • Analysis of intralogistical material and information flows
  • Development and definition of the intralogistical transport concept
  • Selection of the appropriate tow train system and supply technology
  • Equipping the material sources and requirement locations as necessary

Planning tow trains requires accurate knowledge of intralogistical processes. When, where, how often and how many tow trains operate depend on a various number of influencing factors and must be specified for a broad spectrum of parts. We coordinate these parameters such as space, personal and transportation capacities for you. High productivity can only be achieved through a stable production flow.


We offer planning reliability throughout the entire tow train planning process.
You benefit from an independent product view with individual process view.

We offer reliability of supply in your production for a constant and permanent performance level.
You benefit from flexible and standardised intralogistical processes.

Advantages in overview

  • Tugger train system consulting

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Advantages in detail

Tugger train system consulting

Due to the increasing demand for customer-specific products, the supply of materials in the production area is becoming more and more demanding and complex. Indicators for this are:

  • Larger range of items due to increasing diversity of variants
  • Limited storage space in the production area
  • Preparation of smaller container quantities
  • High-frequency, cyclical replenishment for production

Tugger trains are a flexible solution for these requirements. They enable the possibility to efficiently supply different load carriers in small batch sizes and high frequencies at several locations as required. Tugger trains are often used to supply production areas where numerous small quantities of different parts must be quickly and regularly delivered in a limited area. This synchronises the production and logistics processes, resulting in a continuous and reliable flow of materials in the sense of lean philosophy. In addition to the increased efficiency, the condensing of individual transports results in a low transport volume overall and, consequently, an associated reduction in accident risks for people, machinery and materials.

Our services

We coordinate and plan the following for you:


  • Selection of suitable tow tractor and trailer technology for the respective provisioning process from an ergonomic point of view
  • Equipping the sources of material and material requirement locations with racking, storage and order picking technology as required
  • Taking into account all process-relevant resources – employees, trucks, time, areas, stocks


  • Identification of optimum transportation routes
  • Logical allocation of the trucks for the routes
  • Resource-reduction in source and sink locations – route definition
  • Interaction of provisioning and disposal processes
  • Analysis of relevant storage and order picking processes


  • Optimisation of inbound material and information flows
  • Specification of delivery intervals – sequencing the tugger train
  • Definition of holding positions concerning location, stock number and time for time /or distance optimised supply of production
  • Process support through visualisation

Jungheinrich Tugger train system consulting – an integrated observation.

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