The European Computer Driving Licence (E.C.D.L.) is a computer literacy certification programme and a globally recognised information and communication technology (I.C.T) and digital literacy qualification.

The course is a test of the practical skills and competencies and consists of seven seperate modules covering computer theory and practice. To achieve E.C.D.L. certification, the candidate must successfully pass a test in all seven modules. These are:

  •     Concepts of information and communication technology (I.C.T.)
  •     Using the computer and managing files
  •     Word processing
  •     Spreadsheet
  •     Using Databases
  •     Presentation
  •     Web Browsing and Communication

Running from our Cork facility, the E.C.D.L course is ideal for any individual in current employment or currently out of work. Jungheinrich provides a fully equipped class room with state of the art facilities in line with the requirements to cover this course.


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