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Warehouse Safety & Awareness Course

This course is designed for warehouse managers outlining their legal requirements in terms of health & safety.

Every day, lift truck managers and supervisors face a daunting situation. Well-established laws set out managers’ responsibilities in terms of the health and safety of everyone affected by the work they oversee.   

To enable managers & supervisors make decisions about risk and safety that could prevent the lose of life to their friends and colleagues.  


•         Introduction
•          Statistics
•          Employer Responsibility
•          Employee Responsibility
•          The Need for Training
•          Certification
•          Racking
•          Signage
•          First Aid
•          Warehouse Check
•          Accident and Report Procedures
•          The Correct Approach (demonstration)
•          Identifying Potential Risks (walk around)
•          A list of Bad Practice
•          Safety Essentials

The programme of structured classroom lectures and discussion sessions, employing the use of slides, films & warehouse observations. Health & Safety Manuals are issued for future reference  

Training Location
On or off site. 

Instruction & Certification
All instruction and certification in conducted by accredited instructors who are qualified as such in their respective disciplines.

Assessment Method
Successful candidates are issued with a certificate of Managers and Supervisors Warehouse Safety and Awareness  

Documentation Retention
All records to be filed in the training record file.

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