Electric stacker truck

Electric Pallet Stacker 1200kg-1600kg

  • 2400 - 5350 mm
  • 1200 - 1600 kg
  • Pedestrian controlled counterbalance truck (no driving license needed)
  • Higher ground clearance and large load wheels for uneven grounds
  • Minimum noise during lifting
  • Electric tiller steering for fatigue-free steering
  • Particularly robust chassis and forks

EJG 212/ 214/ 216

The powerful and ergonomic EJG Series 2 pedestrian stackers are designed as counterbalance trucks without support arms. That is the perfect prerequisite for use on racking with bumpers, or for the sideways lifting of pallets where the support arms would be obstructive. Due to the lack of support arms and the large load wheels, use on uneven ground poses no problems either. As pedestrian controlled stackers they can be operated safely and efficiently without a driving licence and are therefore particularly suitable for use where there is a frequent change of operator. The necessary safety is provided by the long tiller, while the electric steering allows for fatigue-free and ergonomic working. The finely tuned proportional hydraulics and the speed-regulated lift motor allow for the particularly gentle and quiet stacking and transport of any material. This ensures particularly gentle load transport.


Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
EJG 2121200 kg5350 m6 km/h2630 mm24 V
EJG 2141400 kg5350 m6 km/h2750 mm24 V
EJG 2161600 kg5350 m6 km/h2870 mm24 V

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