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CPC Course - Module 3

Health & safety of the professional driver

RSA Accredited

Awareness of the importance of physical and mental ability

Principles of healthy, balanced eating, impact of alcohol, drugs or any other substances likely to affect behaviour, symptoms, causes, effects of fatigue and stress, fundamental role of the basic work/rest cycle.

On completion of this module you will be able to:

1.  Describe the effects of a balanced diet in relation to road safety and long-term diseases.
2.  Describe the impact of fatigue on the human body.
3.  Explain the importance of the work/rest cycle.
4.  Name the costs related to absence due to illness.
5.  Describe the influence of alcohol and other substances on road safety, the family and society.
6.  Name the advantages of zero-tolerance and the degree of alcohol in different beverages.
7.  Reflect on what is generally accepted by society.
8.  Define the effects of job-related stress.

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Course Dates

Mod 3   John Roche      Aug 13th

Mod 3   John Roche      Aug 25th - evening 4 - 11.30

Mod 3   John Roche      Sept 1st - evening 4 - 11.30

Mod 3   John Roche      Sept 3rd

Mod 3   John Roche      Oct 8   (Full)

Mod 3   John Roche      Nov 26th

Mod 3   John Roche      Dec 10th

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