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CPC Course - Module 4

Role of the professional driver in the transport industry

RSA Accredited

Ability to adopt behaviour to help enhance the image of the profession.

Behaviour of the driver and company image: importance for the company of the standard of service provided by the driver, the roles of the driver, people with whom the driver will be dealing, vehicle maintenance, work organisation, commercial and financial effects of a dispute.

On completion of this module you will be able to :

 1.  Describe how his/her behaviour, quality of work and vehicle maintenance taken together reflects the image of the company and that the driver is an ambassador of the company.
2.  Identify work-situations or other situations that may cause stress.
3.  Describe how to deal with those situations mentally.
4.  Describe which costs are directly influenced by the way the work is planned.
5.  Describe how to deal with different people, such as enforcement officers, staff of unloading sites.
6.  Describe how to show respect to people with a different cultural background.
7.  Describe the consequences of material and personal disputes for haulage companies. 
8.  Describe a fuel efficient style of driving.


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Course Dates
June 10th 2023
Aug 12th 2023
Sept 9th 2023
Oct 7th 2023
Nov 11th 2023


Link to Module 4.3 - Role of the professional driver 

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