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RTITB Accredited Forklift Instructor Course

Noise & Hearing Protection Course

This is a 1 day course designed to provide the course participants with an understanding of noise, sound and frequencies and the effects on the employee. 

It also describes how the employee can protect himself or herself through the wearing of suitable hearing protection equipment. 

Course Objectives
On completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the requirements of the General Application regulations 2007
  • List the noise various levels and the required actions
  • Identify any Health & Safety noise hazards in the workplace
  • Understand how excessive noise can permanently damage their hearing
  • Understand the importance of P.P.E. as a last resort 

Course Content
Discuss relevant statutory legislation requirements
General Application regulations 2007
Employers & employees responsibilities
Physiology of hearing
Determining dangerous noise levels (Noise Measurement)
Identifying the Noise action levels and applicable requirements
Effects of Excessive noise on the human ear
The energy of sound
Audiometric hearing tests
Noise and personal protective equipment 

Method of Training
The course includes classroom presentation and discussion.
Exercise workshops in noise in the workplace will be used.
Videos, overheads and flip-chart discussions are used throughout the course.
Handouts, training records and evaluation forms are also utilized. 

Maximum Number of Participants
12 people

1 day 

Courses can be held in your facility or in either of our training facilities in Cork or Kildare

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