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Pregnant Workers Assessment

Establish a safe operating or working procedures for pregnant, new/nursing mothers, which will be tailored to your workplace.

An employer is obliged under the Pregnant Employee Regulations, 2000, to take account of a newly pregnant, breastfeeding or employee who has just given birth. The employer must also take into account the General Application regulations 2007.

The employer has a duty to assess all aspects of the of the pregnant employees (nursing or new mother) workplace, systems of work, manual handling, shift work, exposure to chemicals and dangerous substances, welfare facilities and PPE. 

They must take this assessment into account when allocating work to the women involved and provide comprehensive information, instruction, training and supervision after consulting with them. 

Pregnant employees and new or nursing mothers have an obligation to cooperate with their employer. They must inform their employer of their new situation and utilise any preventative or protective measures deemed necessary to ensure their safety and health during the duration of their pregnancy or breastfeeding. 


These assessments will:

  • Establish Safe Operating/Working Procedures for pregnant, new or nursing mothers, which will be tailored to your workplace.
  • Allow the company to meet its legal obligations ensuring the safety and health of this special group and avoiding any possible effect on their pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Allow normal company/business to function in an organised and planned fashion. 
  • We can provide a consultant to carry out a comprehensive, cost effective Pregnancy Workers Assessment on your behalf.

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