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Safety Representative

This course is designed to train an employee as a Safety Representative in compliance with the Safety, Health & Workplace Act 2005.

The addition of the safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, to the status book (including the employer’s responsibility to make provision for consultation) confirms that employees are entitled to select at least one individual as a Safety Representative to make representation to management concerning health and safety in the workplace. 

This programme is designed to outline the role and function of the Safety Representative.  The course conforms to the guidance set by the Health and Safety Authority and provides a very comprehensive foundation to health and safety.  Safety Representative play a very important part in the consultation process of health and safety in any workplace. 

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List the implications of health and safety legislation on both the employer and employee
  • Describe the role and function of the safety representative
  • Describe the consultative process within the company
  • Describe the role of the Health & Safety Inspectorate
  • Identify hazards and assess the risks associated with common workplace hazards
  • Investigate accidents and recommend preventative measures
  • List the main requirements of a Safety Statement


  • Legislation relating to safety, health and welfare at work
  • Role and function of the Safety Representative
  • Safety Management and the Safety Statement
  • Risk assessment
  • Active and reactive monitoring
  • Workplace safety incorporating: Office safety, manual handling, fire safety, electrical safety
  • Employee well-being
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Information sources
  • Action planning 

Who should attend
Appointed Safety Representative who have responsibility for fostering proactive communication between management and employees on health and safety issues 

Pre-course requirements

Jungheinrich Certificate of Attendance 

English is the language in which training is delivered and participants must have a good command of the English language.  If participants wish to bring an interpreter, they may do so, but prior notice must be given to Jungheinrich.
Please let us know if participants have any specific learner requirements 

3 days 

Maximum of 12

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