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eLearning for Forklift operators

eTruck Online Training

Jungheinrich are now offering RTITB accredited  eTruck online courses for novice counterbalance forklift training.

With eTruck online training for novice counterbalance courses, candidates learn by following a story that tackles real issues relating to safety using proven, interactive training techniques to create an engaging and memorable learning experience.

With eTruck online forklift training you can better prepare your forklift operators for the workplace. eTruck online forklift training is available only from RTITB with their accredited Jungheinrich Partner.  

What are the benefits of eTruck?

  • Flexibility – candidates can do their theory training anywhere, anytime, at their own pace before practical training.
  • Create real behavioural change – look at the reasons behind operator behaviour as well as the relevant theory.
  • Engaging and memorable – learners are 20x more likely to remember information learnt through storytelling and are better prepared for the workplace.
  • Reduced training time – for a novice this could take a 5 day operator training course down to 3 days. 1 person on a private course can do the practical training in 2 days.   
  • Minimise costs and downtime – candidates are out of the business for a shorter time.
  • Safety for Instructors and candidates – keeps everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, minimise the need for face to face training.
    For more information on eTruck online training please contact us below.

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