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Manor Farm switch from diesel to lithium-ion fleet

Manor Farm

Carton Bros, producers of Manor Farm Irish chicken and one of the oldest family companies in Ireland make the switch from diesel to lithium-ion forklifts.

"Switching from diesel to lithium-ion forklifts was the ideal sustainable solution for Manor Farm, in order to reduce emissions surrounding live animals and staff as well as lowering our carbon footprint and increase overall savings" - John O'Brien @ Manor Farm.

Why switch to electric / lithium-ion?

  1. Cost-savings v diesel
  2. Rapid charging at any time
  3. Increasing diesel costs
  4. Zero emissions
  5. Reduced carbon footprint
  6. Suitable for outdoor use

Looking closer at the figures in this case, Manor Farm switched three diesel counterbalance forklifts for three lithium-ion powered trucks and in doing so, made a cost saving of €154 average fuel/energy savings per truck, €462* across the three trucks per week, resulting in an average total term saving of €120,000**.

A weekly reduction of 532kg CO2 annual emissions, equivalent to 53 trees. And over the full term this adds up to an average reduction of 415k CO2 emissions, equivalent to 42,000 trees! *** This is a 78% reduction of annual CO2 emissions, positively impacting scopes 1 & 3 both directly and indirectly across the supply chain.

*Figures based on energy cost consumption rate of €0.1588/kWh. Source: Eurostat 2nd half 2021. Consumer: 2,000-20,000 MWh.
** Fuel energy consumption as per Jungheinrich EFGS40 specification rates, May 2022 (DIN43536 A)
*** On average, one broad leaf tree will absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide during it's full lifetime (approx. 100 years).

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