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CPC Course - Module 1

Control of the vehicle & eco-driving techniques

RSA Accredited

To know the characteristics of the transmission system in order to make the best possible use of it.

Curves relating to torque, power, and fuel consumption of an engine, area of optimum use of revolution counter, gearbox-ratio cover diagrams.

On completion of this module, the driver will understand:

1.  Curves relating to torque
2.  Performance curves
3.  The area of optimal use of revolution counter(according to manufacturers)
4.  Optimal engine speed range when shifting gears/gearbox-ration cover. 

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Course Dates

May 20th 2023
July 1st 2023
July 22nd 2023
Sept 16th 2023
Nov 18th 2023


Link to CPC Module 1.3 Session 1 Syllabus

Link to CPC Module 1.3 Session 2 Syllabus

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