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AED Course

Automated External Defibrillation Course
(AED Course)

Approved By The Irish Heart Foundation (Must have done the CPR course before doing the AED Course or have completed an OFA Course successfully)

This comprehensive Heartsaver  AED Course is designed to teach the Irish Heart Foundation and American Heart Association Heartsaver  AED Defibrillation for the lay rescuer and Cardiac First Responders.

Now Anyone Can Save A Life
The course is multimedia based with practical instruction from qualified Irish Heart Foundation Instructors. All participants receive a comprehensive instruction pack of a CD with includes video clips of CPR and the use of an AED, this can be used for review at anytime.

Time to defibrillation is the most critical factor in survival of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). If an AED is "on-site" within two minutes there is an 80% chance that the victim will survive. This is one of the reasons that survival rates improve in areas with active AED programmes. Remember, every minute that passes before defibrillation the survival rate reduces by 7-10 percent. Currently in Ireland the survivability rate for out of hospital cardiac arrest is 1%.

Up to recently in Ireland the AED was only used by Healthcare Professionals, but we now see "Public Access Defibrillation" programmes. For first response professionals like the fire and ambulance servers the AED is standard equipment. For schools, offices, shopping centres, factories, gyms, hotels and any public place, it's as vital as the fire extinguisher.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who wishes to use a defibrillator.

Must have done the CPR course before doing the AED Course or have completed an OFA Course successfully.

Irish Heart Foundation CD-ROM and user manual of defibrillator.

Course Duration
½ day

Max 6

Certificate Valid
2 years

Irish Heart Foundation - IHF/PHECC CFR Course

8 hour duration

Instructor: Pupil Ratio 

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