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01/01/2022 - 12/31

Jungheinrich Ireland Celebrates Its 20 Year Anniversary

Jungheinrich Ireland announced its 20th anniversary on May 30th 2022, as Irelands’ leading material handling solutions provider.

Starting out as Boss Trucks in 1963, originally operating from Sherriff Street and then Cookstown Industrial Estate as well as Cork, the birth of Jungheinrich in Ireland began. In 2002, Boss Trucks was acquired by the Hamburg-based family business Jungheinrich AG and moved premises to Maynooth, Co. Kildare in 2007 and a new building in Cork in 2009. Since its inception in 2002, the company has grown from 56 staff to in excess of 100 in the current year in Ireland. Jungheinrich continues to strive to be Irelands’ leading material handling solutions provider, offering new and used forklift options, warehouse design from layout to installation, automated solutions, short-term forklift hire, driver training, finance options, online shop for manual and electric pallet trucks and over 50 engineers on the road nationwide providing the best possible aftersales support to its continuously growing customer base.

Progress in the material handling landscape has been both evolutionary and revolutionary over the past twenty years. Evolving from what were once basic forklifts to smart configurated trucks, the benefits of improved technology and integration with software and systems has allowed Jungheinrich to provide increasingly efficient options for their customers. Over the past several years, and with the topic of sustainability being at the forefront of business’ operational decisions, there has been an exponential shift in the demand to move from diesel or LPG fuelled forklifts to electric-powered fleet solutions. Jungheinrich, being the pioneer of the lithium-ion powered forklift continues to provide the latest technology driving e-mobility, reduction of emissions and sustainability in Ireland.

Twenty years ago, Jungheinrich may have been considered a forklift only provider. However, in 2022 and with the current growth of e-commerce solutions as well as pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics industries throughout Ireland, efficiency is paramount which has led to the requirement for more semi-automated and fully automated solutions. One aspect of automation allows for the goods-to-person fulfilment which can increase the speed of picking by use of systems such as the vertical carousel lift and conveyors. Jungheinrich has also seen a huge demand for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) over the past five years, demanded by manufacturing and logistics operations to increase efficiency. More recently, Jungheinrich has seen increased demand for automated robotic solutions and has recently acquired the German company Arculus to provide autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) as a solution in this area. The next generation of automation will see the launch of the Jungheinrich PowerCube, an automated compact storage system for containers which was showcased at LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart, opening a new dimension in warehouse efficiency. Jungheinrich continues to move forward as a leading holistic provider of next-level automation to provide sustainability, safety, and efficiency to the Irish market.

“The last twenty years has seen a lot of change, new products & services, new locations and the next 5-10 years will see the change accelerate. However, despite all the changes we have experienced and are experiencing, we are fortunate to have a good number of employees and customers that have been with us since Jungheinrich Irelands beginning and will remain with us for the future” – Paul Lynam, Managing Director.

Jungheinrich Ireland recently introduced an employee recognition award for employees who have worked with the company for many years. Below is one of Jungheinrich longest-standing service engineers, Andy Carr, receiving his recognition award for his excellent 25 year service to the company.

Andy Carr Photo

As one of the world’s leading providers of intralogistics solutions, Jungheinrich globally has been advancing the development of innovative and sustainable products and solutions for material flows for 70 years. As a pioneer in the sector, the Hamburg-based family business is committed to creating the warehouse of the future. In 2021, Jungheinrich and its workforce of over 19,000 employees generated revenue of €4.24 billion. The global network covers 13 production plants and 41 service and sales companies. The shares are listed on the MDAX.

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