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Tow tractors

Electric tow tractors with superior 3-phase AC technology

Our electric tow tractors and tow trains enable efficient transport of loads weighing up to 28 tons in indoor and outdoor areas. The innovative 3-phase AC technology not only produces zero emissions and minimal noise, but also makes these trucks maintenance-free, powerful and very compact.

Whatever the job, whatever the location: With our electric tow tractors, you will be well equipped to tackle any logistical challenge. Loads weighing up to 28 tons are transported from goods receipt to distribution and production with utmost efficiency and flexibility. Unlike trucks with combustion engines, the tow tractors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The robust construction, spring-loaded wheels and super-elastic drive wheel ensure optimum traction both on smooth industrial floors and in outside areas. This for example makes our electric tow tractors ideal for intralogistics applications in warehouses and production facilities.

Emission-free tow tractors with innovative 3-phase AC technology

Our emission-free tow tractors offer all the benefits of 3-phase AC technology. Compared to DC motors, 3-phase AC motors feature a smaller number of components and wear parts. This means that the motor is virtually maintenance-free and produces significantly lower running costs thanks to the greater energy efficiency. It also has a positive impact on handling and performance. Rapid changes in direction are possible without the usual delay in response. In addition, travel comfort and safety can be greatly enhanced with automatic control mechanisms such as curveCONTROL and speedCONTROL.

Tow trains with high directional stability

Individual coupling solutions allow you to use our tow tractors with a range of different trailer types. You can employ both standard couplings (such as plug couplings) and modified couplings. Based on the milk run principle, tow trains travel from station to station according to a pre-defined route. Freight items are loaded and unloaded at each stop. This allows you to transport a large number of loads with just a few trucks, thus greatly reducing your travel times. Tow trains with high directional stability offer the obvious advantage that the trailers follow exactly the same path set by the electric tow tractors. You can thus travel safely both inside and outside the rack aisle and easily avoid any obstacles. When equipped with a directionally stable tiller, any one of our tow tractors can be converted into a stable tow train in combination with a suitable trailer type.

Also equipped for fully automated operations

Intelligent automation components transform our field-tested serial trucks into Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). These combined with intelligent software keep your warehouse prepared for the future, streamline processes, and take efficiency to a new level. As an expert automation partner, we will plan and design an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) tailored to your needs, thereby enabling you to automatically increase the cost-effectiveness of your warehouse.  

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