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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems


Use conveyor systems for safe and efficient transport of goods and materials within your individual company areas. Regardless of what you are transporting – be it pallets, boxes or containers – and whatever size these may be, we have the right solution for you.

Conveyor technology, machinery and belts: Let us create your perfect system

Use of the right materials handling technology is crucial to the productivity of your warehouse. We employ a range of components to tailor our conveyor systems to your requirements. To ensure best possible results, we use roller, belt or chain conveyors, shuttle cars, lift tables, turntables, belt lifts and many other elements. The result is a warehouse with extremely high throughput performance. Pallets can be conveyed at speeds of up to 0.45 m/s, while containers can reach as much as 1.50 m/s. Space requirements are kept to a minimum and we also effectively bridge any height differences. Moreover, we supply material flow and control technology along with profile control, winders and anything else that is required for your processes.

Forward-looking conveyor systems: Holistic planning for long-term success

Regardless of whether you are optimising an existing system or setting up a new warehouse, we will provide expert advice and identify the right materials handling technology for your application. With our product and process expertises, we can work with you to plan the perfect system for your requirements. This will allow you to reduce the size your truck fleet and make optimum use of your storage space. We offer solutions covering the entire spectrum of transport goods, ranging from very small containers to full pallet handling. Our holistic planning is supplemented by our service and support so that you can enjoy quick, safe and efficient logistics in the long term.

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