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Jungheinrich Powertrain Solutions

We electrify your vehicles

Why start a whole new development project when you can hit the ground running thanks to our electrical expertise? With Jungheinrich Powertrain Solutions, you could apply over 70 years of electrification knowledge direct to your own fleet of trucks. We provide you with tailored advice and well-engineered power train components from a single source, from the motor and control system to the battery and compatible charger. The technological diversity of our systems also ensures we can provide the right solution for your application. Our knowledge of lithium-ion technology makes us the perfect partner if you want to prepare your product portfolio for the challenges of the future and if you want a solution that combines performance, efficiency and robustness.

Let's build a strong future together! Electrify your fleet with our powertrain solutions.

  • Over 1 million Jungheinrich electric trucks are currently in use
  • Global service and support from over 5,500 highly trained Jungheinrich service engineers
  • 70 years of experience in development and production
  • All drive components supplied from a single source

These are powertrain solutions

Our services

Engineering advice

  • Competent advice from choosing the right components all the way to the start of production
  • Everything from a single source – ensuring clear chains of responsibility and consistent quality
  • 70 years of experience in the electrification of machines
  • Lithium-ion expertise with in-house research and development

Design and production

  • Decades of development and manufacturing expertise
  • Extensive portfolio of electric drive components
  • In-house development and production
  • Safe operation and service by opting for drives in the low-voltage range (48 V and 96 V)

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Overview of components

Want to put more "E" in your enterprise?

Your Jungheinrich sales engineers will be happy to advise you!

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We develop electric drives for the following industries:

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