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Stage Batteriemanagement

With smart battery management from Jungheinrich.

  • Increased battery service life.
  • Reduced downtime and service costs.
  • Optimised performance.
  • Increased cost efficiency.

Battery management

Jungheinrich battery management is a cloud-based battery information system based on the networked Jungheinrich SLH 300(i) battery chargers. During operation, the system continuously collects all relevant data from the integrated batteries. Using this data, Jungheinrich battery management provides a useful overview of the status and operation of your lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Thanks to this continuous and transparent monitoring, incorrect operation can be identified quickly and optimisation measures initiated in good time. Jungheinrich battery management therefore ensures longer battery life and also helps to reduce service and replacement costs. Benefit from reduced downtime, greater cost efficiency in the warehouse and significantly better performance from all lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries throughout the warehouse.


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