Diesel Forklift LPG Forklift

Diesel Forklift Hydrodynamic Drive 2,500kg - 3,500kg

  • 2900 - 7500 mm
  • 2500 - 3500 kg
  • Hydrostatic drive concept for maximum performance.
  • Simple connection of various assistance systems.
  • Adaptable operating concept for maximum flexibility.
  • Easy to service with low maintenance requirements.
  • Excellent all-round visibility and the best ergonomics for efficient work.

DFG 425/ 430/ 435

The dynamic and extremely stable series 4s hydrostatic forklifts are ideal for harsh, year-round applications, both indoors and outdoors. Whether in reverse, operating with heavy attachments or when working on ramps and slopes – here considerable strength meets maximum stability. The robust forklifts convince with their fast and reliable manoeuvring at the highest level of energy efficiency. This is ensured by the hydrostatic drive concept, which combines high driving and lifting performance with outstanding driving characteristics. You can benefit from consistently high throughput, ease of maintenance and first-class ride comfort. A 4-inch display with five selectable travel programs and easy-to-connect assistance systems per interface allow flexible adaptation to a wide range of operating requirements, while the panoramic roof made of laminated safety glass ensures the best all-round visibility. This guarantees safe and precise work in every situation.


Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
DFG 4252500 kg7500 mm18 km/h3617 mm
TFG 4252500 kg7500 mm19 km/h3617 mm
DFG 4303000 kg7500 mm18 km/h3768 mm
TFG 4303000 kg7500 mm19 km/h3768 mm
DFG 4353500 kg7500 mm18 km/h3863 mm
TFG 4353500 kg7500 mm19 km/h3863 mm

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