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Electric Pallet Stacker Truck
ERC 212 - 216 / 212z - 216z / 212b - 216b

Electric pallet stackers

Pedestrian stacker 1.2 - 1.6t
2500 - 6000 mm
1200 - 1600 kg

The efficient and versatile electric stackers ERC are particularly well suited for the economic transport of goods over medium distances as well as for stacking and retrieval operations on higher racking levels. Fitted with a foldable stand-on platform, an optional support am lift or as wide-tread version, they impress with great flexibility. Their increased ground clearance lets them safely travel over ramps or uneven grounds. On request, the additional support arm allows for double-deck transport of two pallets at once, adding to the efficiency of your goods turnover. As a wide-tread variant, the ERC can also handle closed and perimeter-based Euro pallets. The strong and particularly precise lift motor allows for very gentle lifting and lowering of cargo in heights up to 6 meters. Furthermore, the four-wheel concept and optional assistance systems such as the overload warning system operationCONTROL ensure safe and efficient operations.



Mediathek ERC212z with Lithium-ion Sticker
Mediathek ERC216 with Lithium-ion Sticker

Mediathek ERC216b with Lithium-ion Sticker
Mediathek ERC216z
Mediathek ERC216z (1)
Mediathek ERC216z (2)


Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
ERC 2121200 kg4700 mm11 km/h1955 mm24 V
ERC 2141400 kg6000 mm11 km/h1976 mm24 V
ERC 2161600 kg6000 mm11 km/h1976 mm24 V
ERC 212z1200 kg4700 mm11 km/h2039 mm24 V
ERC 214z1400 kg6000 mm11 km/h2060 mm24 V
ERC 216z1600 kg6000 mm11 km/h2060 mm24 V
ERC 212b1200 kg4700 mm11 km/h2030 mm24 V
ERC 214b1400 kg6000 mm11 km/h2123 mm24 V
ERC 216b1600 kg6000 mm11 km/h2123 mm24 V

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