Electric pallet stacker

Sideways-seated pallet truck 3.3t

  • 115 - 115 mm
  • 3300 - 3300 kg
  • Multi-pallet transportation (of up to 3 pallets)
  • Ergonomic operator position layout
  • 360° steering for quick direction change
  • 2-drive motors and lateral battery exchange
  • 48-V 3-phase AC technology for dynamic movement

ESE 533

The powerful and ergonomic electric sideways seated pallet truck ESE 533 is ideal for the transport of heavy cargo over long distances. It can move up to three pallets at once. With its 2-drive motors it reaches maximum speed effortlessly and remains agile, even with heavy loads. Our focus on ergonomic work does not only ensure the comfort of the operator but directly contributes to the safety in your warehouse. The travel speed, brakes and deadman's switch are all controlled by easily reached pedals. Frequent direction changes are easy to manage and due to the sideways seating position of the driver, perfect oversight in all directions is ensured. Strong batteries and the simple lateral battery change guarantee the quick availability of our ESE 533. Long and intensive work hours pose no problem for the ESE 533. For even more flexible, high performance, the ESE 533 is also available with our lithium-ion technology.


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