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Stage EJE 116n_120n

Electric pedestrian pallet truck 1600 / 2000 kg

  • 1,600 - 2,200 kg
  • Powerful due to maintenance-free 3-phase AC motor
  • Extremely manoeuvrable due to compact design
  • Easy operation with the tiller in the upright position by using the crawl speed button
  • Excellent stability on cornering with ProTracLink
  • Multi-shift operation with lateral battery exchange (optional)

EJE 116n/ 120n

The EJE Series 1 pallet trucks are particularly economical helpers. For loading and unloading HGVs, as well as for horizontal transport over short distances. The main advantage: they are the ideal truck to take on an HGV due to their very short front end length (L2) of only 494 mm (short version). The powerful drive motor with 3-phase AC technology is another plus. Its optimum efficiency factor ensures high speed and powerful acceleration in every situation – the ideal precondition for fast, efficient goods throughput. Added to the speed of operation is the long operating time: batteries up to 240 Ah in combination with excellent energy management guarantee long operating times, even with intensive utilisation. The operator has everything under control at all times with the bottom-mounted long tiller. It ensures the essential distance between operator and truck. Particularly on corners, the EJE 116n / 120n never gets “too close” to the operator. And if space is at a premium, the crawl speed button facilitates safe travel with the tiller in the upright position. One touch of a button is sufficient: the brake is released and the drive switch controls travel at a much reduced speed. The low overall height really pays off in a confined space. It provides even the shorter operator with optimum visibility towards the fork tips.



Model Overview

Model Load capacity Travel speed Overall length Battery voltage
EJE 116n 1,600 kg 6 km/h 1,644 mm 24 V
EJE 120n 2,000 kg 6 km/h 1,644 mm 24 V

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