Hand Pallet Truck with weighing scales

Hand pallet truck 2.2t

  • 122 - 122 mm
  • 2200 - 2200 kg
  • Built-in weighing system with convenient display
  • Precise weight recording up to a slanting position of 2°
  • Plug-in battery module and built-in charger
  • Electronics and display protected from dust and humidity (IP 65)
  • Energy and time-saving fast lift for up to 120 kg

AMW 22/ 22p

The efficient and precise hand pallet trucks AMW 22 and AMW 22p are mobile weighing systems for warehouse, production and shipping applications. With their high carrying capacity they are the perfect vehicle for transporting and weighing in one device. The basic model AMW 22 provides a 1 kg incremental display and maximum 0.1 percent deviation from the measuring range. Even more professional is the AMW 22p: here you can rely on highest accuracy with a deviation from the measuring range of only 0.1 percent. Automatic switch-off and the battery changing module with included charger allow for highest operational readiness of these mobile scales. Naturally you can rely with the AMW on our usual Jungheinrich quality. The hand pallet trucks with scale are constructed robustly from top to bottom. This ranges from the hardened steel used to the protection of the electronics from dust and water, according to IP protection class 65. Our attention to details ensures highest reliability.


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