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Jungheinrich racking

A pillar of strength in your warehouse. But what types of warehouse shelving are available? And which one is suitable for you? For palletised goods, Jungheinrich pallet racking is ideal; for a variety of small, different items, small parts racking is the first choice.

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Pallet shelving

What types of pallet shelving are available? The most common types are multi-bay rackings for wide aisles and narrow aisles which can also be flexibly configured for heavy bay loads of up to 45 t. Jungheinrich also offers compact racking for particularly space-saving storage. The range also includes high-bay racking, which allows you to make optimum use of your room height.

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Small parts warehouse

Do you deal with a large quantity of small items? Or are you looking for efficient order picking solutions? If so, small parts racking is the answer. A popular solution is racking shelving, which can also be converted into space-saving high-bay racking.

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