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Small Goods Storage (Dynamic)

Regarding the storage of your small parts, different options are available depending on the application. Together we will find a solution for all your applications – adapted to your individual specifications.

Our Jungheinrich drive-through racking for small parts warehouses with universal reserve zones is best suited for the separation of stacking and retrieval according to the first-in-first-out (FIFO) method. It can also be retro-fitted.

Carousel storage unit for small goods

Our carousel storage unit for storage and retrieval of small goods scores very highly with efficiency. Its flexible carrier concept enables it to adapt to your individual specifications and it impresses with its high speed and strong picking performance. It is modular in design, which means it can be expanded with your growing business.

Vertical LRK Carousel Storage Unit 

When you have a very small footprint, our vertical LRK lift racking optimises your warehouse area.  Its modular design enables it to be adapted to the respective height requirement at any time, both before and after assembly. The connection to any warehouse management system makes the LRK lift racking extremely efficient.

Dynamic Small Parts Storage

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