Driver CPC Course - Module 6

Professional bus driver training

Ability to ensure passenger comfort and safety

Adjusting longitudinal and sideways movements, road sharing, position on the road, smooth braking, overhang operation, using specific infrastructure, (public areas, dedicated lanes), managing conflicts between safe driving and other roles as a driver, interacting with passengers, peculiarities of certain groups and passengers (disabled persons, children).

On completion of this module the trainee driver will understand:

1.  Adjusting longitudinal and sideways movements
2.  Overhang operation
3.  Using specific infrastructure (Public Areas, Dedicated Lanes)
4.  Anticipatory driving and smooth braking
5.  Considerate behaviour on the road (road sharing, position on the road)
6.  Interacting with passengers
7.  Managing conflicts between safe driving and other roles as a driver
8.  Peculiarities of certain groups of passengers (disabled persons, children).


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