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Electric Pallet Truck

RTITB Power Pallet Truck Instructor Course

Exclusive to Jungheinrich

Course Overview:
RTITB Instructors are essential for the implementation and delivery of a recognised and proven standard of safe efficient working practices for your lift truck operators.

To enable instructors to take charge of pedestrian/rider low-level pallet truck operator training & carry out testing of the trainees operating ability & certify only those who reach the recognised standard.  

4 course members: 1 course Instructor

5 days

Course Objectives
At the conclusion of training, course members should be capable of:

  1. Operating a pedestrian/rider low-level pallet truck to the standard required by RTITB of Lift Truck Instructors.
  2. Structuring training material into a logical sequence for teaching knowledge and skills.
  3. Adopting an effective style for teaching skills appropriate to the type of truck involved.
  4. Adopting an objective and critical approach towards the effectiveness if the instruction they present using appropriate methods of assessment of trainee’s progress. 
  5. Set up, conduct and objectively mark the pedestrian/rider low-level pallet truck Basic Operating Skills Test, endorsed by RTITB.

Trainee Specification:
Prior to training, candidates should have a minimum of 6 months industrial experience of operating relevant types of Lift Truck and meet the eligibility criteria described in Part One, Section Six of the RTITB Lift Truck Instructors Registration Examination, Requirements and Standards.


  • Course members should provide their pedestrian/rider low-level pallet truck of Basic training when booking the course. (This is to be dated within 12 months of the course start date)

  • All course members who successfully complete the test of Basic Operating Skills to Instructor standard.

  • Written and practical RTITB Instructor examination will be eligible, upon application, to be registered for 5 years, at the end of which a further re-registration course and examination is required.
  • The type of Lift Truck (ie pedestrian/rider low-level pallet truck) to be specified to the Accredited Training Centre on course application.

The programme of structured classroom lectures and discussion sessions, employing the use of slides, films, and supervised driving practice, culminating in a theoretical and practical test of competence in operating lift-trucks and materials handling equipment to certification standard.

Training Location
RTITB Instructor course certified training centre at Jungheinrich Cork & Maynooth 

Instruction & Certification
All instruction and certification in conducted by accredited instructors who are qualified as such in their respective disciplines.

Assessment Method
Candidates are assessed by an external RTITB assessor 

Documentation Retention
All records to be filed in the training record file.



The course administration will be dealt with in four parts:

  • Opening and Administration
  • Forward Planning
  • Recapitulation
  • Critique and course closure


  • Accident prevention
  • Accident analysis
  • Role of the Instructor
  • Principles of instruction
  • Simple task analysis
  • The demonstration
  • Question and answer techniques
  • Design and show training aids
  • Principles of lifting
  • The practical period
  • Safety – The instructors responsibilities
  • Operator Basic Skills Testing
  • Operator certification
  • Classroom presentation
  • The relevance and requirements of appropriate legislation, Codes of Practice, training specifications and other reference material.
  • The three stages of Operator Training


  • pedestrian/rider low level pallet truck familiarisation
  • Correct truck operating skills and corrective tuition
  • Battery care and maintenance
  • Daily take-over inspections and maintenance
  • Practical demonstration skills
  • Directing trainee practice
  • Setting up, conducting and marking the Basic Operating Skills Test
  • Accident analysis exercise


  • Test of Basic Operating Skills – Associated Knowledge and Practical Test to Instructor       standard (conducted by Accredited Training Centre)
  • RTITB examination of Practical Instructional Ability (conducted by RTITB Examiner)
  • RTITB examination of Instructor Associated Knowledge (conducted by RTITB Examiner

Couse Dates Available on Request

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