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Stage Elektro-Hochhubwagen

Powered Pallet Truck Course

Outline of the powered pallet truck course

Course Aim
The aim of the course is to give participants the basic skills and knowledge to operate power pallet trucks safely and efficiently and successfully complete the theory and practical evaluations associated with the course. This course is designed for experienced forklift truck drivers wishing to gain certification for the operation of power pallet trucks.

Course Objectives
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Operate a power pallet truck safely, reducing the risk of injury to operators and pedestrians and increase the efficiency of power pallet trucks
Understand safe operating techniques
Know how to refuel/recharge power pallet trucks safely
Correctly position power pallet trucks in relation to task requirements
Stack and de-stack safely & accurately
Attain the required standard to successfully complete the theory and practical evaluations

Course Content
Daily inspection procedures
General safety rules
Loading and stacking procedures
De-stacking and unloading
Charging & changing batteries

Presentation on multimedia, supplemented by discussions, case studies and practical exercises.  Course material handouts, training records and evaluation forms.

Participants will be required to undertake a written assessment and practical skills test to the accredited RTITB standard.

A certificate basic operating skills which is valid for three years will be issued to all successful participants.

Beginners course: Half day - Full day (depending on abilities)

Maximum Attendees
3 people

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