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Stage Hydrauliköl-Service
Safe and dependable

Hydraulic oil service

Our after-sales service helps you avoid costly repairs by planning appropriate oil changes with environmentally-friendly waste disposal

Your benefits:

  • Preserving operational safety and avoiding costly repairs
  • Protecting the environment from oil waste thanks to professional and sustained handling
  • Cost transparency and dependability of the service
  • Minimizing downtimes
  • Peace of mind due to compliance with all legal regulations

With the timely and professional exchange of hydraulic oils including the environmentally friendly disposal of waste oils, you ensure the long-term dependability and longevity of your vehicles. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

Especially during operations with forklift trucks, hydraulic oils are permanently exposed to high pressure, extreme temperatures as well as dust and moisture. These factors can cause mechanical risks due to wear of valves, rust damage or sticking hydraulic parts.

To ensure an even and clean oil film throughout the entire hydraulic system and thus maintain the operational effectiveness of your trucks, the periodic and professional exchange of hydraulic oils is an important measure.

Our service includes:

  • Waste oil extraction and ecologically responsible disposal
  • Cleaning of the tank and system rinse
  • System refill with certified Jungheinrich quality oils
  • Replacement of filter (approx. once a year)
  • Machine care
  • Instant service for worn hydraulic hoses

At your request, our service engineers not only take care of your Jungheinrich trucks but also of your other hydraulic systems.

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