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Stage Automatisches Palettenlager

Automated miniload warehouse

Speed and precision with optimal energy efficiency determine productivity in automated miniload warehouses. The rack system, software, associated conveyor system and the core component, the stacker crane, interact perfectly.

Sophisticated solutions with high throughput and optimum space utilisation

Efficient small parts storage is only as good as the associated processes and resulting performance indicators. If you require short access times, high throughput, optimum space utilisation and direct access to all articles, automatic small parts warehouses provide an ideal solution for extreme space-saving storage of small parts in containers, boxes or trays. With this system, goods are stored either on angled beams or shelves – with full utilisation of the room height, which can be up to 25 metres. The capacity ranges up to 300 kilogrammes.

Automated miniload warehouses - for varied applications

Single- or multi-depth small parts storage can be used, for example, for spare part consignment and buffer storage or in distribution warehouses/centres. Automatic small parts warehouses can be operated under normal temperatures, while temperature-controlled configurations and cold stores down to -30°C are also possible.

The best solution for your needs

Automated miniload warehouses are as individual as everyone’s needs. We provide solutions for the most diverse requirements, depending on multiple factors. To find the optimal solution for your needs we jointly analyse your product and transport structures and processes and determine the storage design that is appropriate for your needs. 

A new generation of stacker cranes for miniload warehouses

Our smart stacker cranes for miniload warehouses provide maximum speed and precision and outstanding performance value for automated small parts storage. Due to their consistently light build and innovative construction with particularly low approach dimensions, available space can be used optimally. Energy produced during braking is stored in so-called SuperCaps inside the machine and reused for the next acceleration processes. The modular construction design also facilitates flexible adaptation of the equipment to your individual storage requirements. 

Successful automation

Successful automation with the right partner. As an expert automation partner, we plan and design an automatic system tailored to your needs, thereby enabling you to automatically increase the cost-effectiveness of your warehouse. 

automatic mall storage warehouse

Custom solutions for every sector.

Whether it's for new facilities, for the modernisation or expansion of existing facilities: in our many years of experience with intralogistics, we have advised many small, medium-sized and large companies worldwide on automating their processes, while serving as main contractor for the entire duration of their projects.

We will find the best solution for your requirements.
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