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For intelligent connectivity, we have our Jungheinrich WMS and our own middleware, the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface, that ensure an ideal data exchange. They are flexibly adaptable and can always be updated. This is how Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (ioT) enter your warehouse.

Increased efficiency and transparency

Multiple analysis options for increased efficiency and transparency.

Maximum safety for people and machinery

Maximum safety for people and machinery with individual check lists, intelligent shock sensors and access control.

Fleet Management System

Easy assignment of access authorisations and notifications in case of shock events to increase safety.


Simple digitalisation and connectivity: the Jungheinrich Logistics interface ensures optimum communication between trucks, warehouse equipment and software.

Digital products and software solutions

The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface is a versatile communications interface which connects machines and processes in the warehouse to intelligent systems.

Digital products and software solutions

As one of the most advanced warehouse control systems, the Jungheinrich WCS offers a variety of highly optimised intelligent algorithms and functions for complex automated systems.


Industry 4.0 for your warehouse: Jungheinrich WMS ensures ideal processes.


Our WMS Series 2 makes it possible to control small and medium-size storage facilities more easily, efficiently, and economically than ever before. With this software package, you have your inventory and orders in view at all times – at an attractive introductory price and expandable any time.

Complete integration

Jungheinrich also offers the integration of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) as a complete solution for complex storage situations. Planning, optimisation, execution and support – as a strong partner, we have the best performance package for companies with a pure SAP strategy. 

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