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Logistics Interface

  • Easy communication between warehouse equipment and software.
  • Innovative solution for digitisation and automation.
  • Maximum efficiency and transparency thanks to optimal system integration.
  • High level of flexibility thanks to modular design.
  • Rapid implementation through easy connection.

Jungheinrich Logistics Interface

The logistics interface is a versatile communications interface and connects machines and processes in the warehouse to intelligent systems. It enables easy and efficient communication between Jungheinrich trucks, warehouse equipment and warehouse management software, such as the Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System (WMS) or a higher-level host system. But even in small warehouses without a WMS, the logistics interface ensures optimised truck control and more efficient warehouse processes, from paperless goods receipt processes and autonomous item management for lift and carousel systems to our intelligent assistance systems – the logistics interface is bringing Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) directly to your warehouse.


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