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Stage Jungheinrich WMS Serie 2 (1)

Warehouse management system series 2

  • Efficient control of small and medium-sized warehouses.
  • Rapid implementation thanks to standardised processes.
  • Unlimited expandability thanks to modular design.
  • Full forward compatibility for unrivalled future security.
  • Attractive introductory price and unique licensing model.

Jungheinrich WMS series 2

Invest in the digital future of your warehouse and switch from analogue to digital now with Jungheinrich WMS Essential. The intelligent solution for professional warehouse management provides you with tried-and-tested, standardised processes and functions that help you manage small or medium-sized warehouses more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. The simple implementation process also enables you to quickly familiarise yourself with digital warehouse management and benefit from a number of advantages such as increased efficiency and cost savings. In addition, Jungheinrich WMS Essential is forward compatible and can be extended or upgraded at any time. Discover a software package full of potential and look forward to optimised material flow, high productivity, low error rates, delivery readiness at all times and transparency in your warehouse.


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