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E-commerce shipping process efficiently automated

Automated Guided Vehicle System ensures greater efficiency in shipping

For an American e-commerce pioneer, we automated the transport and put more reliability into the process.

An American e-commerce pioneer set us the task of automating the transport of pallets from the order picking area to the packaging workstations along a route of 500 meters. The aim was to relieve the employees of the previously manually operated transportation.

The US company operates nine logistics centers in Germany, which in some cases enables deliveries within just two hours after ordering. Short implementation times and reliability were therefore a basic requirement for the automation of the system.

Reducing transport routes for employees 

The employees were to be relieved of transport-specific tasks, such as transporting fully picked goods for shipping, as completely as possible. The return of the empty pallets to the packaging workstations was also to be automated and organized.

Automated processes relieve workloads

Jungheinrich solved this problem with an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) in flexible mixed operation with manual vehicles.

The Jungheinrich AGVS consists of five ERC 215a Automated Guided Vehicles for loads of up to 1.5 tonnes. Laser navigation enables precise approach and automatic operation of the receiving and pick-up stations.

All vehicles are fitted with personal protection scanners and sensors.

Installation with IT Connectivity

The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface software enables the Automated Guided Vehicles to be operated via a tablet. Job orders are easily entered via an intuitive dialogue. The next AGV receives and processes the order in a fully automated sequence.

The existing WLAN structure was used for communication with the ERC 215a. 

Our client’s investment in the new automated logistics center paid for itself in less than one year, while employees’ routes and workloads have been reduced significantly.

In short, the automated system is an investment that has paid off for everyone.

Julius Hartje
Senior Operations Manager

„Not only have our employees learned how to operate the system, they also see how harmonious the processes have become and how the AGVS relieves the workload.“

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