Automated Solutions (AGV)

Increasingly low order quantities and shorter order cycles and delivery times make speed and safety a crucial factor for the success of your material flow. Speed and security can only be achieved by adapting storage and handling equipment and warehouse processes. As a result, the range of available technology is vast. Jungheinrich offers a wide range of automated guided vehicles (AVGs), storage and conveyor systems, plus the expertise to analyse current processes, identify potential and to define optimal strategies for future requirements, according to your individual needs.

Rack operating equipment

The heart of any plant: a perfectly balanced total system for all your applications - efficient, accurate, custom-made.


Automatic high-rack stackers

Flexibility despite automation: By changing between manual, semiautomatic or automatic mode, you are equipped for every application.


Driverless transport systems

Safe, punctual and with precision to the millimeter: Our Auto Pallet Mover, based on our proven production vehicles, manages all of your shipments.


Materials handling system

You decide: the best way to ensure the most efficient and safe transport of goods and material.



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