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A universe of possibilities

Software development

Our software solutions are tailored to your individual needs. 

A universe of possibilities

Since Jungheinrich began using electronics in electrically powered industrial trucks in the 1960s, this technology has been evolving rapidly. Main drivers are the ever-increasing miniaturization of components and the development of microprocessor technology. This links to a universe of possibilities leading to increasingly complex functionalities of hardware and software.

The development of the necessary software solutions is determined by highly demanding conditions. The gradual increase in the range of functions, the interaction of different control devices and highest safety standards with maximum reliability are seemingly contradicted by short development periods and long product life cycles.

Within this field of tension, we cooperate with you to realize software solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

Our range of services comprise, among others:

  • Analysis and – on request – specification of the technical system according to a comprehensive system engineering approach
  • V-model development, designed with many agile elements
  • Software solutions for safety-related applications, including complete documentation
  • Use of advanced tools for a model-based approach
  • Basic software perfectly suited to the existing controls 
  • Comprehensive and constantly growing software module kit
  • Control concepts that in conjunction with electric motors set the energy benchmark in the field of material handling
  • Independent testing department for software quality management
  • Software exclusively "made in Germany"

We always pay special attention to the budget, while systematically focusing on industry standards and complying with current standards.

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