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Horizontal Order Picker ECE 220_225
Low level order pickers

ECE 225

Load capacity
2,500 kg
Lift height
up to 125 mm
Load centre distance
1,200 mm
Travel speed
unladen 12.5 km/h
Lift speed
unladen 0.1 m/s
Battery voltage
24 V
Battery capacity
465 Ah
Onweight battery
975 kg

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Our flexible and efficient series 2 low level order pickers combine highest picking performance with optimum energy efficiency and first-class driving comfort. Offering various operating levels, these vehicles cover individual storage requirements without the slightest effort. Working with the ECE means optimised picking processes with maximum performance. Picking comfortably, safely and without delay: Particularly high battery capacities guarantee highest picking rates, even in economic multi-shift operations. The sturdy construction and compact dimensions allow easy cornering with fast acceleration. Furthermore, a cushioned, adjustable stand-on platform protects against impact. The spacious driver's seat with height-adjustable jetPILOT multifunction steering wheel and easy to reach controls provide high riding comfort. Assistance systems such as the dayLED daytime running lights, floor spot or the optional curveCONTROL ensure the necessary safety.

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