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Diesel Forklifts

Secure your diesel forklift truck now at a sensational price!

A wide range of counterbalance trucks has been secured especially for you, made available on a first come first serve basis, starting immediately and running through to  20th December 2020.

These tough and versatile trucks with torque converter off­er high throughput for all transport duties. The strengths of the hydrodynamic drive can be seen over medium and long-distances, providing smooth and judder-free operation and optimum efficiency at medium and high speeds.

Grab YOUR opportunity to secure these trucks at great prices!

Content DFG 316 (1) SAVE UP TO 15%

DFG 316 – 1.6t Diesel counterbalance forklift with hydrodynamic drive

Stage DFG 320 SAVE UP TO 15%

DFG 320 – 2.0t Diesel counterbalance forklift with hydrodynamic drive

Stage DFG 425 SAVE UP TO 15%

DFG 425 – 2.5t Diesel counterbalance forklift with hydrodynamic drive

Stage DFG 430_435 SAVE UP TO 15%

DFG 430 – 3.0t Diesel counterbalance forklift with hydrodynamic drive

Stage DFG 430_435 SAVE UP TO 15%

DFG 435 – 3.5t Diesel counterbalance forklift with hydrodynamic drive

Stage Gasstapler Great promotion on LPG forklifts

Don’t miss out on our LPG forklift specials: For a limited time only, Jungheinrich is offering massive discounts on our forklift trucks with hydrodynamic drive.

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Get them before they’re gone:

Production is extremely limited, so take this fantastic opportunity to get your hands on one of these heavily discounted counterbalance trucks 3 and 4 series as both gas and diesel options.

Longterm Rental Offer

Special Offer

Sign up for a 60-month contract rental agreement on new Jungheinrich forklifts and defer the first 6-months of payments. 

Powerful Diesel Forklifts & Gas Forklifts

Our gas forklift and diesel forklift trucks offer the perfect combination of power and capacity. They can carry loads ranging from 1,600kg up to 5,000kg while ensuring rapid turnaround and the utmost efficiency in your warehouse and production.

Forklifts ideal for outdoor use: Gas & Diesel Counterbalance Forklifts

Are you primarily looking for powerful forklift trucks for use in outside areas? Then we recommend our trucks with combustion engines – in diesel or LPG form – which offer reliable performance even in wet environments and on uneven surfaces. And if you require more power for indoor applications, a combustion truck is still an excellent choice.

Depending on the model, our powerhouses can handle loads weighing up to 9,000kg. You also have the option of equipping your truck with a comfortable driver's module that can be rotated by 180 degrees. This makes light work of narrow aisles and reverse travel. Handling is also very straightforward, no matter which version you opt for: Diesel forklift trucks can be refuelled in a matter of minutes, while the gas bottle on the LPG trucks can be replaced in an instant.

Forklifts with powerful engines - superb performance with lower consumption

The engines in our gas and diesel forklift trucks are not only durable, but have proven their worth in numerous applications. These are powerful engines that have been well tested in large-scale series production in the automotive industry. They deliver high torque at low speeds, making them ideal for daily use in your warehouse or production facilities. The combination of this modern engine technology and Jungheinrich's own system software makes these trucks highly energy-efficient. They are characterised by outstanding fuel consumption and extremely low emission values. The minimal noise levels serve as a further advantage on these forklifts. Both the diesel forklift trucks (DFG) and gas forklifts or LPG forklifts (TFG) are extremely quiet.

Reap the benefits of our new generation of diesel and gas forklift trucks equipped with hydrostatic drives, such as the DFG/TFG 425s/430s/435s. Since this technology requires fewer mechanical components, the trucks require minimal maintenance. At the same time, the robust and versatile trucks with torque converters deliver very high throughput performance: Compared to competitor trucks, they offer the highest throughput combined with the lowest consumption.

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