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ERE electric pedestrian pallet truck

The devices with hinged or fixed platform are ideal for transport over medium distances. Extremely robust, reliable, safe. Perfectly suited to your requirements: Innovative options for energy-efficient driving even in the toughest conditions or 15% more productivity at the push of a button.

Also equipped for fully automated operations

Intelligent automation components transform our field-tested serial trucks into Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). These combined with intelligent software keep your warehouse prepared for the future, streamline processes, and take efficiency to a new level. As an expert automation partner, we will plan and design an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) tailored to your needs, thereby enabling you to automatically increase the cost-effectiveness of your warehouse.  

Pedestrian/ride-on operation for medium distances

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Robust, reliable and individually adaptable. Exactly what you need.

Designed with durability in mind, the ERE provides not only more reliability but also combines compact maneuverability with the comfort of a ride-on truck. This makes it the ideal tool for performance-driven operations. Configure your own perfect ERE according to your demands on goods turnover, transport routes and application.

All benefits and new functions at a glance:

Would you like to get even more details about the electric pallet truck ERE with stand-on platform?

All of the ERE’s highlights in only 1 minute.Find out what the ERE can do.

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The strong ride-on pallet truck at your side.

Content Mittelstrecke Robust and reliable.

With the sturdy steel chassis, the electric pallet truck ERE provides more reliability and increases the safety of driver and vehicle. As a result, the ERE is best suited for tough operations on ramps as well as for pallet transports.

Content Mittelstrecke (2) Variable and versatile.

Individually configure your own ERE according to your needs and depending on your requirements regarding turnover, transport or application. Design your ride-on pallet truck to perfectly suit your operations and choose from four different ride-on platforms. 50 different options are available to enhance your truck, including positionCONTROL, which will help you to increase productivity by up to 15 % compared to our competitors.

Content Mittelstrecke (3) Fast and productive

There is a reason why the ERE is also called “sprinter”. The ride-on electric pallet truck is the fastest truck on the market with a speed of 14 km/h. And faster means more productive: Make use of our option drivePLUS with which you can boost your throughput by up to 19 % in comparison to our competitors.

Content Mittelstrecke (1) Maneuverable and compact.

Our low-lift pallet truck ERE is the shortest and most compact ride-on truck on the market and – despite its stand-on platform – ideally suited for applications in narrow or confined spaces. Loading and unloading of cargo trucks, long-distance transports of heavy loads and order picking operations of various goods – all these tasks are as easy as child’s play with the electric ride-on pallet truck ERE. 

Content EJE 3 Energy efficient.

In contrast to its predecessor, we have enhanced the synchronization of the ERE’s components. That is why with the new generation of our electric ride-on truck ERE, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption by up to 23 % in comparison to our competitors. Benefit from our lithium-ion batteries: fast charging, zero maintenance and a long service life – these are the key advantages of our li-ion technology, unequaled by conventional batteries.

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