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Jungheinrich is one of the worlds largest suppliers of material handling equipment designed to suit your warehouse application.  Jungheinrich offers more than 600 different types of forklift trucks to suit your warehouse system operation.  Whether you require a hand truck, reach truck, counterbalance forklift or order picker, Jungheinrich's dedicated sales team are on hand to discuss all forklift options and storage ideas available to you as well as finance options available directly through Jungheinrich. 

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Hand Pallet Truck
Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks are suitable for transporting loads up to 2,000kg over short distances.  You have the option of choosing manual pallet movers, scissor lift trucks, stainless steel pallet trucks suitable for food preparation or pharmaceutical operations and for loading and unloading at small heights.  Hand pallet trucks have the option of a weighing system for constant weighing of pallets as well as an option of a printer.

Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck (PPT)
Electric pedestrian pallet trucks are a step up from the hand pallet truck. They provide ease of use for the operator offering stand-on or walk behind options which enable easy transport of goods quickly over longer distances in the warehouse, production or unloading material handling operations.

Electric Pedestrian Pallet Stacker
The electric pedestrian pallet stacker operates on the same premise as the electric pedestrian pallet truck, however the stacker truck has raised forks which allows the pallet to be lifted to a height.

Counterbalance Forklift Truck
The counterbalance forklift is the standard forklift truck that Jungheinrich offers.  They have a counterweight in the rear of the forklift which enables lifting and transporting of heavy goods on the forklift forks at the front of the truck.  There are three types of counterbalance trucks available depending on your preference or material handling requirement:

Electric Forklift
Electric counterbalance forklifts are generally used indoors and may be used outdoors with a full weather cab. They are powerful, efficient and versatile forklift trucks that carry heavy loads offering load capacities from 1000kg up to 5000kg.  The battery in these forklift trucks are charged regularly to ensure optimum efficiency and usage. 

Diesel Forklift
Diesel counterbalance forklifts are generally used for outdoor operations and follow the same premise as the electric forklift counterpart, however they allow lifting and transporting of heavier loads.  Jungheinrich diesel forklifts house Kubota industrial engines and are designed to be robust and reliable forklifts.

Gas Forklifts (LPG)
Similar to the diesel forklift, the gas or LPG forklift is mainly use for outdoor use.  The gas or LPG forklift also house Kubota industrial engines and are designed to lift heavy goods. They are available with hydrodynamic or torque drive and are robust trucks.

Reach Truck
Electric reach truck forklifts are mainly used in narrow aisle warehouses. They can operate in smaller area in comparison to the counterbalance forklift and the reach truck enables lifting of goods to higher heights.  Reach mast technology allows for the mast to be tilted, therefore eliminating the requirement for counterweight but also allowing for a smaller chassis design.

Order Picker Truck
Order pickers are usually used in a warehouse operation.  Good are selected by the operator and placed on a pallet on the forks in preparation for goods-out warehouse operations.

Tow Tractor
Tow tractors are used in a similar manner to order pickers in warehouses.  The main difference is that they can pull roll cages or trailers to carry the picked goods and therefore they do not have forks to carry pallets of goods.

VNA Truck (Very Narrow Aisle Truck)
Very narrow aisle or VNA Trucks are bespoke designed trucks configured exactly to the measurement of your warehouse aisles, racks, heights and load capacities.  Jungheinrich are the market leader in these type of trucks and continue to push the boundaries of innovation.  The VNA Truck allows you to maximize the space in your warehouse, using very narrow aisles.  The trucks can be wire-guided or rail-guided and may be man-down or man-up trucks. There are various options available on these trucks including the latest protection systems (PPS) ensuring the staff in your warehouse are always protected from forklift accidents.  Can your operation afford not to have this safety feature?  

Electric stacker trucks

Electric stacker trucks

Jungheinrich electric stacker trucks provide the perfect solution for every transport distance and lift height. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,000 kg and lift heights up to 5,350 mm offer cost-effective solutions for every application.

Overview of electric stacker trucks

Electric pedestrian trucks

Electric pedestrian trucks

Jungheinrich low lift trucks provide the perfect solution for every transport distance. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,500 kg offer cost-effective solutions for every application.

Overview of electric pedestrian trucks

Hand pallet trucks/stackers

Hand pallet trucks/stackers

The numerous models of Jungheinrich hand pallet trucks offer cost-effective solutions for every application. Whether it is simply a hand pallet truck with a 2,200kg capacity, a scissor lift pallet truck or a galvanised part or fully stainless steel model that is required.

Overview of hand pallet trucks/stackers

Electric counterbalance trucks

Move loads from 1 to 9 t by electric trucks

Overview of electric counterbalance trucks

Diesel/Gas Trucks

Move loads from 1 to 9 t by gas or diesel-powered trucks

Overview of Diesel/Gas trucks

Reach trucks

Store loads in racking up to 12m high with the reach truck

Overview of reach trucks

Order pickers

Jungheinrich order pickers are the ergonomic way to maximising your picks per hour.

Overview of order pickers

Tow tractors

Jungheinrich tow tractors provide transport solutions for the entire intralogistics chain.

Overview of tow tractors

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA Truck)

The EKX, EFX and ETX series are Jungheinrich's solutions for all high rack segments for all picking heights.

Overview of high rack stackers

Shuttle / Pallet Carrier

Carriers travelling independently in the racking channel are the core of the Jungheinrich shuttle compact storage systems.

Overview of shuttles / pallet carriers

Special built

Special applications require special fork lift trucks.

Overview of special builds


We offer the right batteries and chargers for your pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers.

Overview of batteries and accessories

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Jungheinrich forklift trucks have been stacking and transporting goods reliably and efficiently in warehouses around the world for decades.

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