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Load Securing Training

This course will minimise a vehicle operators chances of loss of vehicle control, collisions and road obstruction, spillages ,financial loss, damaged goods, damaged vehicles, loss of working time, legal expenses and clean up expenses.

Course Content

• Health & Safety Law: Safety, Health & Welfare at work act & The General Application Regulations
• Duties and Responsibilities of the Employer / Employee
• Road Traffic Act 1961 & Subsequent Legislation
• Road Traffic & Transport Act 2006
• Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport - European
• Responsibilities of a Driver
• Explaining Mass & Weight
• Center of Gravity
• Acceleration Forces
• Sliding, Tilting & Tipping of loads
• Loading a Vehicle
• Head, Side & End boards
• Lashing & Lashing Points
• Restraining Methods
• Webbing & Webbing Assemblies
• Transporting Loose Objects ie Traffic Cones, Road Signage Etc.
• Principles of safe un/loading
• Principles that govern safe securing
• Company Responsibility
• Driver Responsibility
• Personal Protective Equipment

• Pre-Use Inspection of Trailer, Truck & Load
• Risk Assessment of the Route
• What issues arise from unsecured loading techniques
• Proper Weight Distribution
• Safe Load Securing
• Risk assessment
• Best practices.
• Different types of restraints
• Different types of loading

The programme of structured classroom lectures and discussion sessions, employing the use of slides, films, and supervised Loading & Securing practice culminating in a theoretical and practical test of competence in operating with loads and securing methods with materials handling equipment all to certification standard.

Training Location
Jungheinrich Training Centre or on Customer Site

Instruction & Certification
All instruction and certification in conducted by accredited instructors who are qualified as such in their respective disciplines.

Assessment Method
Theory Test & Practical Test
Documentation Retention
All records to be filed in the training record file.

Course Duration
1 Day

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