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The Future is Automation

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

In the field of autonomous driving, the intralogistics industry is leading from the front.

Jungheinrich Maynooth & Cork

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) navigate freely within a defined area and orient themselves when picking up a load carrier by its position and alignment. So why not increase the vitality of your warehouse with our versatile Arculee AMR.

  • 30% increase in productivity in underload transport
  • 25% less space required for goods-to-person order picking compared to person-to-goods order picking
  • Manage your entire fleet with an award-winning control system
  • Return on investment in less than 2 years

The efficient solution for automated transport

Automation in your warehouse becomes even more flexible with the arculee AMR. The small and manoeuvrable autonomous robot offers a ready-to-use solution for horizontal transport over large areas. This versatile assistant increases throughput and interacts seamlessly with our automatic components in the warehouse, immediately improving efficiency in numerous industries and fields of application.

What are autonomous mobile robots designed for?

Underload transport

  • Transporting pallets, goods and small parts quickly and flexibly from A to B
  • Automatically retrieving or depositing load carriers
  • Transporting various different load carriers
  • Mixed operation with other AMRs and AGVs
  • arculus FLEET: fleet-wide management software with an open, standardised VDA 5050 interface

Goods-to-person order picking

  • Preparing individual orders and transporting to the order picking station
  • Load carriers: mobile racking, boxes on tables
  • Less susceptible to errors than a manual order picking process
  • arculus WAREHOUSE: software for optimal sequencing, order picking, quality control. most effective picking strategy

These are Autonomous Mobile Robots

The benefits of an AMR solution at a glance:

  • A simple start to your automation journey or a boost to your productivity
  • Small, manoeuvrable transport solution that can be used across all business sectors
  • Use cases for underload transport and goods-to-person order picking
  • Excellent ROI, recoup costs in less than two years
  • Simple system integration thanks to the standardised VDA 5050 interface
  • High availability thanks to maintenance-free lithium-ion technology
  • High throughput with a capacity of up to 1000 kg (arculee S)
  • Suitable for mixed operation due to sophisticated safety sensors
  • Easily scalable as demand grows and the fleet needs to be upgraded
  • Able to transport various load carriers

Landingpage arculee

Our 360° safety concept for maximum safety in the automated warehouse

The autonomous mobile robot arculee S enables safe operation in the man-machine environment thanks to its 360° safety sensor technology. The 360° safety concept allows monitoring of the entire contour and brings the arculee S to a safe standstill in front of people or obstacles. 

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A holistic approach with your individual needs in mind: find your automation solution

Autonomous mobile robots are just one option. The Jungheinrich automation portfolio has the right solution for every requirement. By combining the arculee with our range of mobile robots, for example the AGV, both the horizontal and vertical levels can be automated simultaneously. Alternatively, use the arculee robot to help increase efficiency within an area by transferring the goods to an automated high-bay warehouse, where a narrow aisle truck or a stacker crane can store the goods at heights of up to 45 m. The possibilities are endless. We would be happy to provide in-depth advice and help you to find the perfect solution! 

Impressively simple – The technical set-up

It couldn't be easier

Benefits for your warehouse

The advantages of using Jungheinrich

Mark Menting
Global process owner Logistics Prodrive Technologie

“Nowadays, flexibility in the supply chain is key to economic success. For us this means that we have to pick orders faster, more efficiently and with fewer errors. Jungheinrich's automation concept, with its mix of innovative robotics and classic AGVs, meets all of these requirements."

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