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Jungheinrich WCS Picture

Jungheinrich WCS

  • Decades of experience in intralogistics and software development.
  • One of the best warehouse control systems on the market.
  • Highly optimised algorithms for material flow control.
  • Guarantee of smooth processes between all components of an automated warehouse.
  • Professional planning, implementation and support.

Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System

As one of the most advanced warehouse control systems, the Jungheinrich WCS offers a variety of highly optimised intelligent algorithms and functions for complex automated systems that control and optimise the material flow to maximise warehouse efficiency and sustainably increase delivery readiness. The Jungheinrich WCS is responsible for areas such as transport management, storage location selection or LD management and is supplemented by the Jungheinrich WMS, which takes care of stock management as well as the control, monitoring and optimisation of all intralogistics processes. The Jungheinrich WCS ensures that the desired goods reach the optimum position in the correct quantity via internal conveyor components (conveyor belts, stacker cranes, AGVs, etc.).


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