Material flow advice

Do you want to put your material flow through its paces?

We identify potential and develop solution strategies.

There are many good reasons for optimising material flow. Whether it's due to changes in customer requirements, cost-saving projects, increasing complexity, restructuring, expansion, etc., the reasons for thoroughly reviewing and optimising the material flow are complex and diverse. Just like the optimisation measures. Jungheinrich’s material flow analysis provides an complete action catalogue for this purpose. A wide variety of combinable work steps guarantee the compilation of an action package specially tailored to your needs.

It all starts with the factory plan

Your current factory plan is the first step for collecting the necessary data about the factory’s current situation. The definition of a typical day and the processes associated with it provides the movement and volume data required for analysis. Your current fleet of forklifts trucks also provides important additional information, e.g. process speed and variation of use.


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