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Accredited Forklift Training Courses

Jungheinrich Forklift Training Courses

Jungheinrich provides accredited Forklift Training Courses for individuals and company employees in training facilities based in Maynooth & Cork.  Our state-of-the-art facilities in Maynooth, Co. Kildare and Cork offer an exceptional training experience, fully equipped with the latest counterbalance trucks, reach forklift trucks and power pallet trucks. 

Jungheinrich also offer on-site training courses which can be conducted at your business premises so that your employees receive training in their active working environment.

Operating a forklift is a specialised skill that requires expert training and on-going refresher training in order to prevent warehouse accidents that can otherwise be prevented with the correct knowledge and expertise. 

Participants having completed Jungheinrich forklift training courses will have the knowledge and technical skills to operate a Forklift in a safe and competent manner as prescribed Irish Health and Safety Legislation.


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