Hand Pallet Truck AM20

Hand pallet truck (2.000 kg)

Unique controls

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Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast)
from 115 to 115 mm
Capacity / load
from 2,00 to 2,00 t
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Robust and reliable

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More characteristics

The AM 20 hand pallet truck is the ideal warehouse assistant for all manual transportation over short distances. Various advantages include:

  • Easy to operate controls – equally comfortable for left and right-handed operators. Manoeuvring with one hand on the tiller arm is both comfortable and safe.
  • Short front-end length – offering maximum manoeuvrability in restricted conditions.

Chromed wheel and joint bushings allow easy pulling or pushing. They are permanently lubricated and therefore maintenance-free.

The AM 20 has a powerful hydraulic pump with externally mounted hydraulic tank for outstanding ease of maintenance.

A selection of different tyres and roller options guarantees optimum use with all ground conditions.

Advantages in overview

  • Easy to operate
  • Effortless and simple
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Quiet and fitted with bushes

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Advantages in detail

Easy to operate

Easy to operate controls are suitable for both left and right-handed operators. The special lowering valve enables loads to be lowered precisely.

Compact and manoeuvrable

The chassis length of just 390 mm allows for reliable and easy operation, even in very confined spaces.

Effortless and simple

The optimised hydraulic system minimises the required pumping force. The bushes on the wheels reduce the required drawbar pull.
The piston rod is supported at the pivot point by a high-quality ball bearing. This provides less rotational resistance, easier steering capability and reduced wear. The entry and outfeed rollers facilitate the crossing of thresholds and simplify entry into the pallet.

Quiet and fitted with bushes

The chromed bushes on the wheels and joints guarantee an exceptionally long service life. Joints no longer require lubrication; despite this, the AM 20 still runs smoothly and reliably.Durable
Strong forks. Welded tiller mounting. Protected entry rollers. The frame is of a particularly high-quality welded design in sectional steel, and is torsion-resistant and extremely durable. It does not even distort at full load. The best prerequisites for maximum stability and durability.Equipment
The AM 20 can be optimally equipped for every ground type and application due to its different tyre and roller options.

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